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We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Red Lion Hotel
204 West Fox Farm Road
Cheyenne, WY  82007
United States of America
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When Club members are recognized for a birthday, you may hear names like Bonham, Lusche, Hixson or Zeller as Jason reads a list of the member's Kiwanis honors. What is this all about?  In a nutshell, the names are associated with giving to Kiwanis at various levels -- our local Foundation, the Rocky Mountain District Foundation or Kiwanis International projects.  For details, please see the "Donate to Kiwanis" document in the Download Files section of this web page.
Gifts to these 501c(3) organizations are all tax deductible. Your consideration is appreciated.

The 55th Annual Kiwanis FFA Livestock Sale opened with a bang last night and kept on rolling, with four records broken, including total amount bid.

The existing record for sale of a lamb was demolished in the first lot offered for sale, as Leo Tsimbinos won the bid at $16,000 for the Grand Champion Lamb shown by Braxton Olsen of the Burns FFA chapter. The previous record was $3,400. (No, there are no misprints in this paragraph. The increase was that much.)

This bid also was the highest ever paid for any animal in the 55 year history of the sale. The previous high was $13,501, paid for a champion steer in 2015.

Braxton’s sister Katherine set a new high mark with her Champion Market Goat. Wyoming Mechanical bid $2,500, easing past the old record of $2,250.

Jaden Gipfert, also of the Burns FFA chapter, watched as Holly Frontier won with a bid of $3,750 for Jaden’s Champion Market Turkey. The previous record was $3,101.

This year’s total for the 36 lots was $148,750, which surpassed the previous high total of $141,230 set in 2015.

Your Kiwanis Investment Group purchased the Reserve Champion Extra Heavy Lamb shown by Cody Winslow of Burns for $2,000.

Braxton Olsen and his Grand Champion Lamb, and purchaser Leo Tsimbinos. (Photo by Rod Brand)


Birthday Greetings to the Club's oldest member, Leonard (Len) Treber. He was 100 years young on August 13th.
Len joined the Club in 1955. He is a Past President of the Club (1966) and past Lieutenant Governor (1971). He is a Life Member and was the Club's Administrative Secretary from 1987 through 2008. The Club's warehouse building is named in his honor. 
His Kiwanis honors include Hixson, Lusche and Bonham Fellowships; Legion of Honor; Tablet of Honor; and Walter Zeller Fellowship.
Meetings of the Satellite Club are scheduled to resume September 17th, 6 pm (give or take a few minutes), at Uncle Charlie's.
Laura Munari has reserved tickets for the Colorado Rockies vs. Miami Marlins on Saturday, August 17th.  
Updated 8/1. This year's Member Appreciation Event is scheduled for Sunday, August 25 at the Terry Bison Ranch. John Lynch is heading up this event.  Attendees will get to ride the bison train (including hand feeding of an animal or two), enjoy a provided lunch and walk around the grounds to view other animals in the corrals. This event will be free of charge to members and their families (up to five total per member). Any additional family members will be charged on their club bill at the rate of $28 per adult and $14 per child. Early sign-ups are encouraged.
New 8/8. The annual Greek Festival is coming up on September 13 and 14. Nick Panopoulos is heading up the cooking crew. We heat up the gyro meat and pita bread for the festival, and the Club gets a donation from the Festival. Shifts are two or two and one-half hours. Sign up now with Nick to get your preferred shift(s).
Friday Food Bag activities will resume on August 24th. See full schedule in Download Files section of this web page.
The Cheyenne Marathon is scheduled for September 15, 2019.  See separate article on this homepage for more detail.
Planning is underway for the Cheyenne Marathon, scheduled for September 15, 2019. This is a Club fundraiser that will require LOTS of help. Contact Lisa Taylor,  Lisa Maney or Lisa Trimble.  The next planning meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 11, at 1 PM, Red Lion Hotel, following the weekly Club meeting. Subsequent meetings will be held the second Thursday of each month, same time and place.  Aaron Bentley is looking for Cheyenne Marathon race sponsors. Please see Download Files section of this web page for the sponsorship form.
Updated 8/15.  Cheyenne Marathon needs Corner Monitors to serve from 5:30 am until 12:30 pm the day of the race. There will be 183 corners on the race course, and two monitors are required per corner. For the math-challenged among us, that's a total of 366 folks needed to monitor corners -- and that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg insofar as requirements are concerned.  Sign-up sheets are being circulated at meetings now. There are two 3.5-hour shifts per corner that need to be filled. Tim Sheppard is rounding up volunteers. If you know of a group in the Cheyenne community that would like to help out with any phase of the marathon, please contact Tim soonest.
Monday's official total was 5,658 guests served. 
On Wednesday, 9,109 served.
And, on Friday, 8,154 served, for a total of 22,921.  
Kiwanis International Trustee Katrina Baranko helped get the batter made at the Wednesday breakfast.
The crowd on Wednesday, waiting for the serving line to open.
(Photos by Rod Brand)
New 5/30. Quartermaster Marty Sears has requested that committee members who need propane tanks for their project first use partially full tanks, before they start a new one. Why? The fill charge for each tank, whether it is partially full or empty, makes no difference, is $75 per tank. The charge is a flat rate, with no proportional credit for topping off a partially full tank. It cost in the neighborhood of $825 when Marty got the tanks topped off recently, and much of that went toward topping off partially full tanks.
So, if you need propane, take and use a partially full tank and, if you think that may not be enough, take a full tank as a backup.
Your cooperation is appreciated by Marty (and the Club's budget).
The summer activity season is here. For the information of everyone who would like to loan out Kiwanis Club-owned equipment, please see the Download Files section to the left of this homepage and comply with the policy stated therein. The general ground rules and necessary loan request/maintenance fee sheet and indemnification form are included in this file.  Only requests accompanied by fully completed paperwork will be considered. This includes listing the stovetender, transportation and food you have arranged, and other considerations that must be made for the project to work.  The Quartermaster cannot do all of the ground work for you. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Craig Hiett of AAMCO Transmission/Meineke Mufflers has started a Customer Loyalty Program for Kiwanis Club members.  A percentage of each Kiwanis Club member's auto repair bill will be returned to the Club's Foundation.  John Barnes has Customer Loyalty Program cards which you may pick up and use or you may just stop into either shop and mention your Kiwanis membership.  Please consider picking up a card today.

         Please Note: For Cheyenne Kiwanis Community House Reservations at Lions Park, Please Call 637-6429
         (The Community House is a function of Cheyenne Parks & Recreation, not the Kiwanis Club )

Any of the officers or board members can be reached by their personal email by clicking on their name under the STAFF/DIRECTORS section on the right side of the home page.

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Club Contact Information:

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 1266
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Kiwanis Treber Building:  1804 Pacific Avenue
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Phone and fax: 307.638.3763 email (Club Administrative Secretary):