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Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Red Lion Hotel
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204 West Fox Farm Road
Cheyenne, WY 82007
United States of America
Hybrid in-person and Zoom meetings effective March 11, 2021
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The Club Board voted today to eliminate the requirement for a COVID Release from Liability waiver to be signed by each Kiwanian and guest at Club events. 
The most recent Wyoming legislature passed, and the Governor subsequently signed,  SF 19, which stipulates that a person assumes their own risk when it comes to potential COVID exposure. This protects the Club except in cases of gross negligence. 
The Foundation's annual golf tournament is scheduled for Friday, June 25, 2021.
Open to the public, it will be a four-player team event with shotgun start at 9 am.
An entry form may be found in the Download Files on this homepage. The form contains opportunities for hole sponsors, as well as golfers.
Thank you in advance for your support.
The Stars of Tomorrow committee is planning to produce a program booklet, even though the performance will be virtual. Kiwanis Club members and friends may help out by purchasing an advertisement, using the ad request form located in the Download Files section of this home page. Your purchase will help defray the cost of producing the booklet and the show. Thank you in advance.
Volunteers are being solicited for five pending vacancies on the Club Board of Directors, as well as someone to serve as 2nd Vice President.
The Director term is two years. 
The 2nd Vice-President term is five years, as the person elected to this position will be moving up the chairs -- one year each as 2nd Vice-President, 1st Vice-President, President-elect, President and Past President.  Also, please note that the candidate for 2nd Vice-President must have served on the Club Board in the past.
The nominating committee, co-chaired by Bob Curtis, is composed of all past Club Presidents. Contact any one of them soon to express interest. Annual elections will be held in April.
Those elected will start their terms on October 1, 2021.
The Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Foundation is looking for nominations/volunteers to fill three three-year seats on the Board. Those elected will serve from October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2024.
Contact Foundation President Lisa Trimble or any of the Board members.
In-person meeting resumed on March 11, in the in-person/Zoom hybrid format. 
COVID has not yet ridden out of town, though, so certain conditions must be met for in-person attendance. Masks are mandatory (except when eating). Social distancing is in effect. Attendees must have a signed written COVID waiver on file with the club's administrative secretary or must sign one before being allowed into the meeting. Reservations must be made by Tuesday for the same week Thursday's meeting (necessary so the Red Lion can plan accurately for food and table settings). Tables will be set for no more than 4 individuals, and the same four individuals are asked to sit together for subsequent meetings, if at all possible, to aid in contact tracing, should such be needed. (Please do not add chairs to the 4-tops -- a maximum of only 4 members per table.)
If you are not feeling well at all, please do NOT attend until you get back to feeling healthy again.
In-person meeting is subject to revision, based on the local COVID situation and/or validated instances of transmission within the club. A spike in local cases and hospitalizations or a transmission of the virus during a Club meeting (or a blizzard) may require going back to virtual only meetings.
Friday Food Bag fillings on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm.
Phil Van Horn has agreed to chair the 100th Anniversary Project, part of the city's Crow Creek Rehabilitation project. Thank you, Phil!
Roadside cleanup:  9:00am May 15, 2021, and Sloans Lake cleanup:  9:00am May 22, 2021.
New on Mar 18th. Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Foundation Annual Golf Tournament. June 25, 2021. Mark your calendar. Details to follow.
UPDATE:  From Tom Roberts and the FFB Committee, on October 11:
Beginning this Tuesday 10/13, we will have just one bag filling event per week at 5:30pm.  Filling events will continue every Tuesday night at 5:30pm for the foreseeable future.  In an effort to make sure that there is room for social distancing in our facility, we will limit each filling event to a maximum of 25 volunteers.”
Updated 9/15. After Hours Club. Scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm, at The Office. Feel free to bring along prospective members.  Contact Pat RuddIn person meetings at The Office suspended until further notice, but other activities are being planned.
Updated 7/5. Friday Food Bag. Unpackings and fillings are on a limited schedule. Contact Tom Roberts to get the latest information.
Updated 9/17. Jim Coomes announced that he is planning interclubs with other clubs in the region. Contact him if you have any questions or would like to be considered for participation. This consists of four of our members going to a meeting (live or Zoom) of another club in our region and exchanging ideas. A meal, if part of the meeting, is paid for by our Club. This will require some time off work for those still in the work force because of travel time to and from the other meetings. In-person interclubs have been suspended.
Club/committee members who need propane tanks for their project area asked to first use partially full tanks, before they start a new one. Why? The fill charge for each tank, whether it is partially full or empty, makes no difference, is $75 per tank. The charge is a flat rate, with no proportional credit for topping off a partially full tank. It cost in the neighborhood of $825 when the tanks were last topped off, and much of that went toward topping off partially full tanks.
So, if you need propane, take and use a partially full tank and, if you think that may not be enough, take a full tank as a backup.
Your cooperation is appreciated by the Club's budget.
For the information of everyone who would like to loan out Kiwanis Club-owned equipment, please see the Download Files section to the left of this homepage and comply with the policy stated therein. The general ground rules and necessary loan request/maintenance fee sheet and indemnification form are included in this file.  Only requests accompanied by fully completed paperwork will be considered. This includes listing the stovetender, transportation and food you have arranged, and other considerations that must be made for the project to work.  The Quartermaster does not have the time to do all of the ground work for you. Your cooperation is appreciated.

         Please Note: For Cheyenne Kiwanis Community House Reservations at Lions Park, Please Call 637-6429
         (The Community House is a function of Cheyenne Parks & Recreation, not the Kiwanis Club )

Any of the officers or board members can be reached by their personal email by clicking on their name under the STAFF/DIRECTORS section on the right side of the home page.

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