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2019 Stars of Tomorrow Elementary School winners.
Committee chairman Dave Niemann has received the support of the Club's Board of Directors to ask the membership to approve the imposition of a $20 assessment on each member (2 tickets at $10 per ticket), to help financially support the Stars of Tomorrow 2020. 
The event lost money last year when it was held at Central High School. Dave would like to move the event to the Civic Center, to provide a more professional venue for the kids who participate. His goal is to fill the seats in at least the lower level of the Civic Center., and help the show pay for itself.  If each member and their guest attended, that would be a quick 550 or more seats filled, with others to be filled by relatives and friends of the performers and the general public. And, of course, a member could give his or her tickets away to a friend or neighbor, if the member could not attend.
Kiwanis sponsorship for Stars of Tomorrow has a long history here in Cheyenne, having started in 1954. Two and three generations of families have participated, making it a traditional event for many. Our top acts have the opportunity to go on to division and district competitions.
Ticket prices have not changed for years. In fact, up until a few years ago, the Club members had assessed themselves at the requested rate. 
Per our Club Bylaws, there must be at least two weeks of announcement of the intent to put the proposal to a vote. The first announcement was made at the November 14 meeting. The vote will be held at the regular Club meeting on December 12th.
The show itself is scheduled for February 2, 2020.
Meetings of the After Hours Club are scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month, 6 pm (give or take a few minutes). There will be no meeting in December because of the holidays.  Contact Sam Weinstein.
Friday Food Bag activities resumed on August 24th. See full schedule in Download Files section of this web page.
New 11/14. Kiwanis Bell Ringing for The Salvation Army is scheduled for Saturday, December 14, from 10 am until 6 pm. The sign-up sheet is being circulated. See Lauri Osborne for more information.
New 11/14.  A non-perishable food collection for The Salvation Army will be held on Thursday, December 19th at the regular Club meeting.
New 11/21. George Murchio announced that there will be an organizing meeting for the Cheyenne Marathon on December 18th. Coordinators are still needed for finance, marketing, traffic management and registration. 
And it's never too early to start thinking about Stars of Tomorrow, scheduled for Sunday, February 2nd, and the Kiwanis Cheyenne Marathon, scheduled for September 20th, 2020.
Club/committee members who need propane tanks for their project area asked to first use partially full tanks, before they start a new one. Why? The fill charge for each tank, whether it is partially full or empty, makes no difference, is $75 per tank. The charge is a flat rate, with no proportional credit for topping off a partially full tank. It cost in the neighborhood of $825 when the tanks were last topped off, and much of that went toward topping off partially full tanks.
So, if you need propane, take and use a partially full tank and, if you think that may not be enough, take a full tank as a backup.
Your cooperation is appreciated by the Club's budget.
For the information of everyone who would like to loan out Kiwanis Club-owned equipment, please see the Download Files section to the left of this homepage and comply with the policy stated therein. The general ground rules and necessary loan request/maintenance fee sheet and indemnification form are included in this file.  Only requests accompanied by fully completed paperwork will be considered. This includes listing the stovetender, transportation and food you have arranged, and other considerations that must be made for the project to work.  The Quartermaster does not have the time to do all of the ground work for you. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Craig Hiett of AAMCO Transmission/Meineke Mufflers has started a Customer Loyalty Program for Kiwanis Club members.  A percentage of each Kiwanis Club member's auto repair bill will be returned to the Club's Foundation.  John Barnes has Customer Loyalty Program cards which you may pick up and use or you may just stop into either shop and mention your Kiwanis membership.  Please consider picking up a card today.

         Please Note: For Cheyenne Kiwanis Community House Reservations at Lions Park, Please Call 637-6429
         (The Community House is a function of Cheyenne Parks & Recreation, not the Kiwanis Club )

Any of the officers or board members can be reached by their personal email by clicking on their name under the STAFF/DIRECTORS section on the right side of the home page.

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