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At the January 12 Board meeting, Lorrell Walter reported that she is trying to put together a Stars of Tomorrow event for this year, despite the pandemic. If and when she calls you asking for help, please say "Yes." Details to follow as they become available.
The blood drive challenge is scheduled for the month of February. Our Club finished second in this Challenge last year, albeit the turnout was a bit weak. Let's try to retain our crown. If you can, it would be great if those of you who donate regularly wait until February to donate this year. How do you set this up? Read on! If you still have any questions, contact Laura Munari or Justin Gorman.

Kiwanis Club Blood Drive

Join us at any blood drive or the Cheyenne Vitalant Donation Center this February!

 With all of the changes we have experienced during the pandemic, hosting a blood drive on-site is not feasible for us. But, we are still committed to the mission of saving lives through blood donation, so we are hosting a virtual blood drive. This is your invitation to take part in this innovative event to support hospital patients in our community. 

Participating in the virtual blood drive is easy. For us to track all of the donations at the virtual blood drive, you need to follow these steps: 

Use the following link to sign up - you'll get emailed an invitation to schedule your appointment: 

When your email arrives, click “Schedule Now” to book your appointment at any convenient blood donation location using the same email address you used to sign up. This is important because it helps Vitalant connect your donation to our organization’s virtual blood drive. Prepare for your donation by eating a healthy meal and drinking plenty of water. Remember to bring a photo ID with you. 
Thanks for supporting patients by donating blood during our virtual blood drive. Because of donors like you, life doesn’t stop.  

Need more help? Contact Lauren Tipton at today! 

  As of noon on Thursday, Jan 7, Tim had room for 4 more participants.  Contact him soon if you are interested.
Our foreign policy discussion group, Great Decisions is returning for another year.  Starting in late January or early February on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00am via Zoom (thanks Laura Munari), we'll discuss the following topics:
Global supply chains
Persian Gulf security
Brexit and the EU
The Artic
China in Africa
The two Koreas
Role of the WHO
End of Globalization?
If you're interested in joining the group or just want more information, give me a shout at or call me at 307.631.5158.  
Tim Sheppard 
Friday Food Bag fillings on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm.
Tim Sheppard is getting ready for another season of Great Decisions, the foreign policy discussion venue. Contact Tim if you are interested in joining the group and especially if you would serve as co-chair for this group.
Lauri Osborne and Renee Brower are still looking for someone to chair the 100th Anniversary Project, part of the city's Crow Creek Rehabilitation project. This would be a great way to get involved.
UPDATE:  From Tom Roberts and the FFB Committee, on October 11:
Beginning this Tuesday 10/13, we will have just one bag filling event per week at 5:30pm.  Filling events will continue every Tuesday night at 5:30pm for the foreseeable future.  In an effort to make sure that there is room for social distancing in our facility, we will limit each filling event to a maximum of 25 volunteers.”
Still in effect as of January 11.  During the virtual weekly Club meeting held on Thursday, April 16, 2020, President Brian announced a couple of COVID-19 related actions that have been taken by the Club Board of Directors. These initiatives are still in effect.
     1.  The Club and Foundation have established a COVID-19 Response Fund. Donations may be made to benefit local distribution points of Food Bank of the Rockies and to benefit our own members who may be having financial difficulties during the pandemic. This is a voluntary effort, not an assessment, designed to make a positive impact on the community. See the Download Files section of this homepage for information on how to give, or, should you be in need, the form you can use to apply for anonymous assistance.
     2.  To help out our members, the Board of Directors has voted to let YOU determine the amount of dues YOU pay each month during the pandemic.  Options include regular dues ($55 per month), After-hours rate ($20 per month) or Leave of Absence rate ($9 per month). When we go back to meeting regularly for Thursday luncheons, dues will automatically revert to $55 per month. For some members, this decision will be easy. Please remember, though, that the Club has fixed expenses that have not gone away, like heat, lights and the phone. Based on today's membership, we need an average of $23.32 per member per month to "keep the ship afloat" through September 30, 2020. See John Barnes to get this done.
We will be having hybrid in-person and virtual meetings at the regular time (Thursdays at noon) for the foreseeable future. You must reserve a place by the previous Tuesday if you wish to attend the meeting in person. See the email that is sent weekly to all Cheyenne Kiwanians for the specific URL and password for Zoom participation.  Contact Margaret Cox if you did not get that email a day or so ahead of the meeting.
Updated 9/15. After Hours Club. Scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm, at The Office. Feel free to bring along prospective members.  Contact Pat RuddIn person meetings at The Office suspended until further notice, but other activities are being planned.
Updated 7/5. Friday Food Bag. Unpackings and fillings are on a limited schedule. Contact Tom Roberts to get the latest information.
Updated 9/17. Jim Coomes announced that he is planning interclubs with other clubs in the region. Contact him if you have any questions or would like to be considered for participation. This consists of four of our members going to a meeting (live or Zoom) of another club in our region and exchanging ideas. A meal, if part of the meeting, is paid for by our Club. This will require some time off work for those still in the work force because of travel time to and from the other meetings. In-person interclubs have been suspended.
Club/committee members who need propane tanks for their project area asked to first use partially full tanks, before they start a new one. Why? The fill charge for each tank, whether it is partially full or empty, makes no difference, is $75 per tank. The charge is a flat rate, with no proportional credit for topping off a partially full tank. It cost in the neighborhood of $825 when the tanks were last topped off, and much of that went toward topping off partially full tanks.
So, if you need propane, take and use a partially full tank and, if you think that may not be enough, take a full tank as a backup.
Your cooperation is appreciated by the Club's budget.
For the information of everyone who would like to loan out Kiwanis Club-owned equipment, please see the Download Files section to the left of this homepage and comply with the policy stated therein. The general ground rules and necessary loan request/maintenance fee sheet and indemnification form are included in this file.  Only requests accompanied by fully completed paperwork will be considered. This includes listing the stovetender, transportation and food you have arranged, and other considerations that must be made for the project to work.  The Quartermaster does not have the time to do all of the ground work for you. Your cooperation is appreciated.

         Please Note: For Cheyenne Kiwanis Community House Reservations at Lions Park, Please Call 637-6429
         (The Community House is a function of Cheyenne Parks & Recreation, not the Kiwanis Club )

Any of the officers or board members can be reached by their personal email by clicking on their name under the STAFF/DIRECTORS section on the right side of the home page.

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