Posted by Brian Lenell on Mar 13, 2020
In light of recent events regarding COVID-19 commonly known as the Corona Virus, I want to address our Kiwanis members.  First and foremost, the health of our members and community is of the utmost importance.  We are watching how the virus is spreading and urge everyone to take appropriate precautions.
Please use common sense in your daily lives. Most people, even if they become infected by the virus, will not be in any danger. However, if a person is contagious, they could easily pass the virus to someone that is health compromised. 
If you feel that you are susceptible to illness or may be in a health compromised situation, I ask that you do not attend any events. 
If you feel ill for any reason, please do not attend any events.
If you are concerned about missing a meeting and it affecting your perfect attendance, please let me know and I will make sure that you still get credit for attending during this difficult time.
Please be aware that we may cancel or postpone events if necessary at any time. 
We are following the guidance of the CDC, State, Local and Federal government.
Please watch/listen to your email, television, newspaper, social media and radio stations for additional guidance and closures or cancellations. These closures or cancellations may happen just before events, so please stay vigilant in keeping informed.
In Good Health,
Brian Lenell