Posted on Aug 09, 2017
Marty needs help with the final load-out today (Thursday, Aug 17) right after our noon meeting. He needs 6 to 8 individuals who can help immediately following the lunch meeting.  You will be loading the ham and other cold or perishable items from the warehouse's walk-in cooler into the Meadow Gold Milk Truck.  With 6 or 8 folks, we can knock this out in less than an hour.
The date of the eclipse is fast approaching. As a reminder, please see our President-elect's message that follows. It's never too late to volunteer to help.
"Hello all!
"Here is your opportunity to sign up to help with this event.  We have several committees so if you have an idea of what you want to do, please contact the committee chair.  We will have either car pools or shuttles for people that will not be spending the night camping on site and will utilize these as well for replenishing supplies if needed.  We have limited parking in our area so this will have to be strictly enforced.
"Don’t want to participate in the physical town of Glendo but still help?  We will  need help prepping equipment, making sure all supplies and utensils are clean, packed and ready to go, as well as purchasing food items.
Eclipse committees
Transportation – in charge of prepping equipment, loading and transporting, setting up and tearing down.  We are moving equipment and setting up on Friday, August 18 and tearing down and bringing everything home on Monday evening, August 21.
Contact for this committee is Brian Lovett –
Food Preparation – preparing pancakes in the morning, hamburgers, hot dogs and brats in the afternoon.  We will be serving on Sunday and Monday.
Contacts for this committee are Kent Drake – and Nick Panopoulos –
Food Service – this committee will run the serving line, making sure all of the serving items are fully stocked and that the different food items are ready to go (hot food in containers and condiments/drinks/sides are readily available.)  Additional info: The serving line is planned to be open from 8:00 am until 3 pm. Server shifts will run from 7:30 am until 11:30 and 11:30 to closing. Please contact Lauri to sign up for shifts.
Contacts for this committee are Lauri Osborne – and Kathleen Petersen –
Treasury – this committee is in charge of taking orders and receiving money and making sure there is ample cash/change on hand.
Contact is Kim Lovett –
"If you are willing to help, but have no preference on what you do, contact Laura Munari –  or Marty Sears –     
Check with Nick Panop or Laura if you wish to carpool (recommended).          
"I appreciate everyone's willingness to participate!
Thank you,