Posted on Dec 03, 2020
From Lauri Osborne, Chair for the Club's annual Salvation Army bell ringing:
Raffle Tickets:  We will not be able to have a raffle ticket sale this year.  I have created a virtual kettle for our Kiwanis Club.  The link below will be on our Facebook page and can be shared.  If you would like to donate, this would be an easy way and they will know it came from us.
Food:  The Salvation Army will be handing out food boxes for families for Christmas.  They need cream of mushroom soup, green beans, mashed potato foil packets and Great Value French fried onions.  These need to be in family sizes, not monster sizes!  They will be handing these boxes out mid December.  We are not having meetings, so if you would like to donate, you can drop off items at the Salvation Army or at my work, W. G. Dale Electric Co.
I appreciate all of your support in helping our community.
Thank you, Lauri