Posted on Jun 15, 2023
Super Day is coming up on June 24th. Help is needed for grill, sales and cashier positions, especially in the late afternoon. Shifts are scheduled every two hours, from 9:30 am through closing at 5 pm.
In addition, Patrick will have a load-up session the previous day, June 23rd, at 1 pm.
Update 6/15.  
I am still looking for volunteers.  We really need people to help with the 3:30-5:00pm shift and cleanup on June 24, 2023.  
I also really need someone with a truck to tow a trailer first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon.  You don't have to work the whole day (though you are certainly welcome to).  We would need you at the warehouse at 6:30am and once you drop off the trailer, you're free to go.  I'll call you later in the day (around 4:30pm) to come pick up the trailer and return it to the Warehouse.
Finally, if you are available on Friday June 23 at 1:00pm we could use some help getting everything loaded up for the next day.
Thanks to all who have volunteered for this event and thanks to all who will hopefully join us.
Patrick M. Brady