Posted by Thomas Roberts

From Tom's March 13 email:


"The Element Church is partnering with FFBF to provide a larger bag with more food to help the kids during the lengthy Spring Break period.  The “bags” will be tee shirts sewn into bags to hold the larger volume of food.  This is a one-time event and the changes (other than delivering by Thursday every week) listed below relate only to this special filling. 


FILLERS – The Wednesday, March 28th filing is being rescheduled to Monday, March 26th at 5:15 p.m @ Element Church Food Pantry, East side of the building.  PLEASE NOTE – THIS IS NOT The USUAL FILLING LOCATION. Use the sheet for the 28th to record Kiwanis attendance.


DELIVERY DRIVERS -  The tee shirt bags  are larger and will make it more difficult for you to load your vehicles and deliver to the schools.  Because of the added difficulty, Element Church will assist in the following ways:

1.       If you’re able to come to the filling, they will help load your vehicles.

2.       For those that deliver 25 or more bags, Element Church volunteers will deliver ½ of your bags.  For those with odd numbers, FFBF volunteers will deliver the one extra.  Example – 25 bags:  FFBF delivers 13 and Element Church delivers 12.

3.       If you’re not able to pick up your bags the night of the filling, the bags will be either in the normal facility on tables and the wooden shelves, OR,  if we find we don’t have room in our facility, the bags will be in the adjoining room accessed via a door at the back of our room.  The door will be open.  Look for the tee shirt bags!

4.       Please remember to deliver your bags by Thursday, March 29.  Delivering bags by Thursday is always preferable, but particularly the week beginning March 26th.  There is early dismissal on Friday, March 30th.  If bags are not delivered by Thursday, schools will not have adequate time to distribute.

Thanks, Later, TomR"