President Patty Benskin has initiated a "Kiwanis Moment" as part of the regular meeting agenda.
On October 22, Club Past-President Mike Dowling presented information about the Hixson and Bonham Fellowships. For a $1,000 donation, one can be recognized as a Hixson Fellow (by the Kiwanis International Foundation) or as a Bonham Fellow (by the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Foundation). Dwight Bonham was a past President of the Cheyenne Club and past Rocky Mountain District Governor. For details on how to participate, see the onekiwanis web site (for the Hixson) or any Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Foundation Board member for information about the Bonham.
On October 29, Club Risk Manager Chuck Seniawski presented a quick primer on the Kiwanis International General Liability Insurance policy. All activities and members of the Club, the Foundation, Aktion Club and sponsored Youth Service Programs (Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids) are covered under this policy. Most importantly, though, the respective boards of directors must approve all projects and make a record of that approval in meeting minutes in order for the insurance coverage to be effective. If you have any questions about this insurance, contact Chuck.
On November 5, long-time Club member Glenn Crock gave a number of reasons why he enjoys being a Kiwanian. 
On November 12, the presidents of the East High School and Central High School Key Clubs brought the assembled Kiwanians up to date on what their clubs were doing.
On December 3, Jim Coomes, Interclub Chairman, talked about Kiwanis interclubs and how our club members can get involved with them. Interclubs are trips made to other club meetings within our Rocky Mountain District by four of our members at a time. Our members then are able to exchange ideas with the club being visited, telling them about our activities and learning about the ways other clubs approach projects and fund-raising. Transportation is provided. The travel teams feature rotating membership, so a long-term commitment is not required. Cheyenne Club members who are interested in participating, or who might want more information, are encouraged to contact Jim.
On December 10, Chuck Seniawski, a Club member for some 25+ years, reviewed criteria for recognition under the Legion of Honor and Perfect Attendance programs. See the article on Legion of Honor recipients above for applicable criteria. Receipt of a Perfect Attendance tab means you have been credited for attendance at a minimum of 50 events during the administrative year, which begins October 1st. Credit is given for Thursday meeting attendance, for Kiwanis work sessions and projects. There are even provisions for attending meetings out of town. Contact Chuck if you would like further details.