The 54th annual Kiwanis-FFA Livestock Sale of Champions was a huge success, grossing just a little more than $120,000 on Friday night, August 10.  The Grand Champion Steer was sold by Madison Foley of the Burns FFA chapter to Spradley Barr Motors for $10,000.  Tyler Humphrey of Burns sold his Grand Champion Lamb to Halladay Motors. Kaycee Thomas, also of Burns, sold his Grand Champion Hog to Black Hills Energy for $4,500.
Two sale records were set. Rebecca Derner of Burns sold her Extra Heavy Lamb for $3,400 (the previous record high for a lamb was $3,225). Hannah Mulkey of Cheyenne sold her Champion Market Goose for $3,101 (the previous record for a bird was $3,100 and, yes, that's right, the new record was one dollar over the old record). 
The Kiwanis Club Buyers Group (the group you joined if you purchased shares at our regular Club meeting) purchased Katherine Olson's Champion Market Goat for $1,600. Katherine is also from Burns.
A steak dinner was served to prospective bidders by Kiwanis Club members immediately before the sale.  FFA members enjoyed a buffet provided by Taco John. (Trivia tidbit: Did you know that one of the founders of the Kiwanis FFA Sale was also a founder of Taco John's?  It was the late Kiwanian Harold Holmes.)
FFA members who sell animals in the sale generally use sale proceeds to pay for their post-secondary education and/or livestock project improvement (for you non-farmers, this means they buy more animals to raise for next year, in the hopes of doing even better at the Fair than this year).
Mike Hutton is the chairman of the Agriculture Committee and the head of this sale.