Posted by John Lynch on Mar 04, 2021
In-person meeting resumed on March 11, in the in-person/Zoom hybrid format. 
COVID has not yet ridden out of town, though, so certain conditions must be met for in-person attendance. Masks are mandatory (except when eating). Social distancing is in effect. Attendees must have a signed written COVID waiver on file with the club's administrative secretary or must sign one before being allowed into the meeting. Reservations must be made by Tuesday for the same week Thursday's meeting (necessary so the Red Lion can plan accurately for food and table settings). Tables will be set for no more than 4 individuals, and the same four individuals are asked to sit together for subsequent meetings, if at all possible, to aid in contact tracing, should such be needed. (Please do not add chairs to the 4-tops -- a maximum of only 4 members per table.)
If you are not feeling well at all, please do NOT attend until you get back to feeling healthy again.
In-person meeting is subject to revision, based on the local COVID situation and/or validated instances of transmission within the club. A spike in local cases and hospitalizations or a transmission of the virus during a Club meeting (or a blizzard) may require going back to virtual only meetings.