History of Cheyenne Kiwanis Club 3

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In the early part of 1970's the club moved to 1317 Parsley Blvd, that was the property of Upland Industries (Union Pacific RR) on a $1 a year lease basis. Upland Industries deeded to the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club property in 1979 stipulating that the property continue to be used for the developmentally disabled youths and adults

The City of Cheyenne had been creating a plan for a South Cheyenne Community Park and set their sites on an open area just off of Parsley Blvd.  On this land was the property of the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club. The club sold the property to the City of Cheyenne in 2005.

President Tom Segrave appointed a Site Selection Committee of nine Past Presidents to determine a new site location for the Kiwanis Club. The committee was to determine a set of criteria for the new location. The property was to be large enough to store all of our equipment. Up to this time, various buildings throughout the city had been used, mainly the barns at FrontierPark.

The Site Committee spent much time researching suitable sites, considering buildings and property throughout the community.

One of the Kiwanis members learned of a site just off of Interstate 25 and Missile Drive, namely Hyland Trailer Park, was for sale. Purchase of this property was made in October of 2005. Considerable time and effort by many members of the club worked weekends to clean up the grounds.

Few months after ownership of this property, the club was approached by Residence Inn to purchase this site. The sale was consummated with the club gaining considerable funds for a new location.

Again, the Site Committee went to work finding a new location, being pressed for time, as the City wanted us to vacate by October 2006. The property at 1804 Pacific Ave was made available for immediate occupancy by August 2006. A metal building 110 feet by 40 feet with 6 overhang doors, plus fenced property was purchased August 21, 2006.

Club members were organized to immediately plan moving from 1317 Parsley, over several weeks, the move was made, but we lacked covered space for much of our equipment. Consideration to build an additional building on this property was discussed, but lacked sufficient area to do this.

Tom Segrave, a Past President, owned property just east of our new property. He donated, to the club, 300 plus feet by 30 feet of his property which enabled us to build a Pole Barn that we are able to house all of our equipment under cover.

Another member, Maury Brown, donated a piece of land at the corner of Parsley Blvd and Pacific Ave in the fall of 2006. Future plans have not been finalized for use of this property.

During the summer and winter of 2009 and into 2010, a women's restroom was enlarged in the Kiwanis Treber Building.  The restroom was completed in the early part of 2010.  After the completion of the restroom, plans were put together for the construction of a conference room and preparation kitchen within the Kiwanis Treber Building.  The construction of the conference room was completed in the summer of 2012.

Kiwanis International once again teamed with the United Nations, this time to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus around the world. The project aimed to be the organization's 100th birthday gift to the world. The Cheyenne Kiwanis Club, through member donations, was the only $100,000 club in the Rocky Mountain District. This milestone was recognized appropriately at Kiwanis International's 2014 International Convention in Japan.