After Hours Club. Scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month at 6 pm. Contact Pat Rudd.
Friday Food Bag activities resumed on August 24th. See full schedule in Download Files section of this web page.
New 1/2. Tim Sheppard announced that books are available for the Great Decisions Discussion Group. Sign up now to participate in the 8-week series of foreign relations readings and discussions, which will begin on March 3rd. See separate article on this homepage for more information.
New 1/9. Jim Coomes announced that he is planning interclubs with other clubs in the region. Contact him if you have any questions or would like to be considered for participation. This consists of four of our members going to a meeting of another club in our region and exchanging ideas. A meal, if part of the meeting, is paid for by our Club. This will require some time off work for those still in the work force because of travel time to and from the other meetings.
New 1/14.  Lisa Taylor needs a couple of committee chairs to help out with the Marathon: Social Media and Marketing.  Help is needed with weekly social media posts, the creation and distribution of posters and getting the word out regarding the event. Our goal is to have over 750 participants this year. Help is needed to spread the word!
New 1/23.  Lauri Osborne and Renee Brower are leading the 100th (Club) Anniversary committee. They are asking for your ideas on what such a celebration should entail. They held their initial planning meeting on February 13th, but still could use some suggestions from the general membership. 
New 1/6. An interclub with the Central High School Key Club is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th at 2:45 pm.  Contact Nick Panopoulos.
New 2/13. Chocolate Indulgence will be held April 3rd at The Red Lion Hotel.  In preparation for the event, Becky Lynch needs some help finding chocolatiers, folks who make chocolates and would be willing to present their wares. Claire Ley is looking for silent auction items. Claire suggests that tables at our regular meetings could put together a basket of goods for the auction, or perhaps donate toward the creation of such a basket. Other silent auction items are needed as well.
And it's never too early to get involved with planning for the Kiwanis Cheyenne Marathon, scheduled for September 20th, 2020. The program for the regular weekly meeting on February 20th will get us up to date on planning so far.