Posted on Mar 25, 2020
UPDATED 4/5.  A virtual weekly Club meeting was held on Thursday, April 2, at noon. There were 51 participants who stayed for most or all of the meeting, including Club member LTCOL Ben Eastmond, who joined the group via phone from his deployed location (it was 10 PM where he is stationed).  There was a program -- "My Front Door," presented by Club member Brenda Birkle and staff.
     A virtual Board meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 14th. 
We will be having virtual meetings at the regular time (Thursdays at noon) for the foreseeable future. Patty Walters has arranged for speakers for the next few weeks. See the email that is sent weekly to all Cheyenne Kiwanians for the specific URL and password for the Zoom meeting.  Contact John Lynch if you did not get that email a day or two ahead of the meeting.